Airborne Connectivity System

The Airborne Connectivity System (ACS) provides the ability to exchange data between ground and aircraft in flight via LTE (4G) network with up to 4 simultaneous data connections. With its encryption software, the ACS encompasses a high level of cyber security and can be used for video and audio streaming. The ACS can serve as stand-alone airborne Wireless Access Point (WAP) or as LTE gateway.


Secure Zones
The ACS Ethernet ports support each, public, private and secure zones to provide a high level of cyber security.



ACS Connectivity
The ACS may operate as LTE Router, Streaming Device, and Network Switch.



The Airborne Connectivity System provides the following interfaces.

  • 2 x Public Ethernet Interface
  • 5 x Private Ethernet Interface
  • 7 x Secure Ethernet Interface
  • 2 x RS-232 Serial Interface
  • 2 x RS-422 Serial Interface
  • 2 x SDI input
  • 1 x SDI output
  • 1 x Audio I/O (Stereo)
  • 1 x Discrete (Silent/Private Mode)
  • 3 x ARINC 429 interface (2 x In and 1 x Out)
  • 8 x LTE antenna interface (4 x MAIN plus MIMO)
  • 1 x 28 VDC power input
  • External Link Zone
  • 1 x Single fiber glass for Ethernet Interlink
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