Autopilot / Flight Control System

The EUROAVIONICS autopilot/flight control system is a platform option for 5 kg compact UAV up to the HALE/MALE class of UAVs and OPVs and was built with a dedication to robustness and quality certification. Both systems run the same software stack based on a architecture providing all the design documentation needed to support a certification up to DAL B. This scalable platform provides best in class ITAR free autopilots for almost any vehicle size, supporting fixed wing, classical rotary wing and multicopter platforms, as well as modern hybrid designs.

Autopilot/Flight control system

Common software stack, two hardware platforms. Both autopilots integrate seamlessly with the ground control station based on EasyTask UAV supporting EuroNav maps and a primary flight display running on qualified hardware.

MF7 - Autopilot compact version with integrated video handling and datalink (8 Mbit/s) for smaller systems
  • Certified and non-certified versions
  • Small lightweight autopilot for mini air systems
  • Integrated video processing and link system for mini air systems
  • 150 g weight class, all in one solution, flight control, link, video
RN7 - Autopilot HALE/MALE version based on EUROAVIONICS RN7 computing platform
  • Same software stack on RN7 based system for HALE/MALE type of aircraft
  • Hardware design DO-254/BSP, Software Design DO-178C, DAL C
New Generation Autopilot System
  • No legacy code (green sheet approach)
  • OPV ready
  • ATOL for all platforms including auto-taxi for fixed-wing aircraft
  • Automatic waypoint flight, (quasi) 3D
  • Figure implementation for circle, hippodrome, eight
  • Fly-To and Stare-At commands
  • Pattern generation for surveying
  • GPS position hold
  • Joystick mode, Vectoring mode (Altitude, Heading, Speed)
  • Automatic return to home (Link loss)
  • Emergency glide to impact Automatic failover in duplex and triplex systems
  • Blackbox recording of all vital parameters

Preliminary information, subject to change.

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