ERS Simulator - Enhanced Reality Features

The Simulator includes all functions of the ERS and can be used on Windows computers. Training sessions with
the simulator shall improve the handling of the ERS during a mission.

Vector data on camera feed
The ERS simulator overlays vector data on camera feeds. The source of the vector data is:

  • the ERS simulator internal database, such as streets, house numbers, parcel information, railroads, point of interests, obstacles and user points (like mission targets or marker).
  • Sensor Information, such as direction finder, AIS, radar targets, etc. coming from the EuroNav 7.

Process flow of ERS Simulator


Camera feed on ERS Simulator Virtual View
A second interesting capability of the ERS simulator is to be able to use a real-time camera feed to overlay on "Virtual View", a 3D synthetic image rendered inside the ERS simulator.


With the EUROAVIONICS 3D engine on board, the ERS simulator is able to represent all map and database data in a three-dimensional perspective. The relevant information that is superimposed on the normal top-down 2D imagery is also available in the 3D image. This “Virtual View” of the environment around the aircraft is yet another unprecedented level of Situational Awareness that EUROAVIONICS is able to offer to its operators.


Database & Search function

ERS simulator offers a comprehensive and powerful search engine (if Databases are installed), which can be used during the mission and with active camera overlay. The standard database includes city, street, house numbers, Point of Interests, waters (rivers, lakes, etc.) and Railroads. Beyond this, there are additional databases available on request.

Marker function

With the marker function it is possible to mark several positions or objects on the video. The markers are stored in a database and can be selected and used, for example, to steer the camera to. Markers including meta data (e.g. position, orientation, zoom level of the camera) and can be modified or viewed after mission.

Graphic Card that supports OpenGL version 3.1 or higher.
Compatible Operating Systems
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