EuroNav 7 Simulator

The EuroNav Simulator is an application meant for Microsoft© Windows© ‐based PCs. The simulation software is nearly identical in terms of functionalities compared with the EuroNav 7 Software as applied for avionic tasks, but with the significant difference that this application can be installed on a standard PC or laptop.

The EuroNav Simulator software together with a USB‐compatible Control Unit (CLN) can be used as training software resp. for training purposes or in order to test different settings prior the implementation in the aircraft installed system.

The EuroNav 7 simulator can process various map formats, vector and raster maps. Satellite pictures and aerial photographs can be used too. Additionally versatile databases can be installed and used, either commercially available (e.g. obstacle databases, POIs) or customer own databases. Different maps and databases can be combined and shown simultaneously using overlays. Use of a high performance map engine ensures fast update rate and smooth panning of the map.


Various databases can be installed on the EuroNav 7 simulator. This includes commercially available databases such as Obstacles DB, Air Navigation DB, Terrain Data, POIs, Street and Topographic maps as well as customer owned or user created maps and databases.


Intuitive Human Machine Interface
Fully customizable HMI where position of function buttons and panels can be changed quickly and easily. Standard pages optimized to mission, aircraft and customer requirements are available, further user pages can be customized for different operations!


The EuroNav 7 Simulator HTAWS (Helicopter terrain awareness and warning system) shows terrain information as an overlay on the map.

Obstacle Warning
Obstacle Warnings for collision avoidance.

Airspace Warning
Airspace Warning function alerts the operator before entering a different airspace.

Traffic Overlay/Warning
The EuroNav 7 simulator can simulate and display traffic data from TCAS, ADS-B receivers or FLARM.

Supported Operating Systems
Microsoft© Windows 10, Microsoft© Windows 8, Microsoft© Windows 7, Microsoft© Windows© XP (with Service Pack 1)
  • DVD/CD‐ROM drive (only necessary for installation process)
  • Microsoft© Outlook© or other mail program supporting MAPI (for online license activation and/or Ground Station Communication Module)
  • Graphic Card that supports OpenGL version 1.3 or higher
  • 2 GHz CPU (Intel© Pentium / AMD© Athlon) and 4GB RAM recommended
  • 150 MB free hard disk space for program installation (except map data: Single drive recommended with a large capacity for the data to be converted)
  • Free USB or PCMCIA slot (to create EuroNav update media)
  • Network access, if the license shall be activated online, or if access to remote EuroNav systems is required through the Data Transfer Module (DTM)
Data compatibility
The EuroNav Simulator software supports EuroNav 4Plus, EuroNav 5 and EuroNav 7 data items such as maps files, user‐objects and user‐specific databases.

The EuroNav Simulator Software will be delivered on a CD-ROM including all the necessary files for installation. In addition the delivery includes the documentation (electronic, English and German language handbook) and several additional tools such as the Data Transfer Module (DTM) on CD.
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