Map Conversion Suite

The Map Conversion Suite is a solution for customers using confidential maps and databases or for those who want to be completely independent. An application to be installed on a standard PC allows preparation of various maps and databases.

System Compatibility
Map data can be converted into EuroNav 3, 4, 4Plus, 5 and EuroNav 7 compatible format. In addition, the possibility to convert into an intermediate format for further purpose is also possible. The Map Conversion Suite application converts raster, vector and terrain data.
Create different settings
Possibility to create several conversion jobs for different conversion settings.
Support a large range of Map Formats
The Map Conversion Suite supports all current Map Formats like Raster formats (USRP (UTM); ASRP (WGS84); GeoTiff (WGS84); TIFF with TFW (WGS84). Terrain data formats (DTED 0/1/2 according MIL-PRF89020b and SRTM). Vector formats (VMAP Level 0 und 1 (Format: VPF; WGS84); Jeppesen Air Navigation
Database Support
Database (Format ARINC424-15 (Jeppesen Nav Data)); ESRI-Shape (WGS84); DXF (Version 10, WGS84); Obstacles (Format OBS, WGS84); Obstacles (Format TXT, Swiss Grid); Obstacles (Format AIXM Version 4.5); Jeppesen Man Made Obstructions (Format ESRI Shape); Jeppesen Man Made Obstructions (Format TXT); ARINC424 Version 15 (Jeppesen Nav Data); ARINC424 Version 17). Support of databases (Jeppesen VFR Reporting Points (DBF, WGS84)).
Data Transfer Module Application
The Data Transfer Module (DTM) is optimized for copying data between PC and EuroNav Systems media such as hard or flash discs. The Data Transfer Module application is included.
Graphical Interface
The Map Conversion Suite offers a clear, structured graphical user interface for easy and intuitive use.
EUROAVIONICS recommends for this product a training course to get more details and background information of the EuroNav System specific map format, the conversion process and tests after the conversion job. Please contact EUROAVIONICS for further training details.

Supported Operating Systems
Microsoft© Windows 10, Microsoft© Windows 8, Microsoft© Windows 7, Microsoft© Windows© XP (with Service Pack 1)
  • CD-ROM drive (only necessary for installation process)
  • Internet access and Microsoft© Outlook© (required for licence activation)
  • Graphic Card that supports OpenGL version 1.3 or higher
  • 2GHz CPU (Intel© Pentium / AMD© Athlon)
  • 4GB RAM recommended
  • 150MB free hard-disc space required (except map data, for map data which will be converted it is recommended to have a single drive with a large capacity)
Data compatibility
The GSMDCS software converts map data into EuroNav 3, 4, 4Plus and EuroNav 5 compatible map format.

The Map Conversion Suite will be delivered on a CD-ROM including all the necessary files for installation. In addition the delivery includes the documentation (electronic, English and German language handbook) and several additional tools such as the Data Transfer Module (DTM) on CD.
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