SferiRec Eval Station

Evaluation Station

Read-out Station for SferiRec crash recorder products for analysis of maintenance data or accidents.
The Evaluation Station enables the comfortable presentation and investigation of data, which have been recorded by HENSOLDT Voice and Flight Data Recorders.

The SferiRec Evaluation Station is ideally suited to investigate flight accidents, incidents and pilot observations during flight as well as to support aircraft maintenance and pilot debriefing.

  • Analysis: Detailed parameter analysis on ground
  • Evaluation: User defined recording parameters
  • Flight Path: 3D display of flight path

Main Benefits

  • Fully user guided operation, easy handling
  • Flight track display over 2D- Map, 3D dynamic aircraft visualisation
  • Easy adaptation to various aircraft and helicopter types
  • Certified ground support equipment


  • Windows Operating System
  • Evaluation and reconstruction of user defined recording parameters, i.e. by means of aircraft specific recording parameter lists
  • Evaluation of user defined, programmable events
  • Processing of physical parameters
  • Simultaneous display of up to 6 recording parameters
  • VFDRS Software Updates, VFDRS Testing
  • Parameter file format compatible to Insight software from Flightscape Inc.
  • Simultaneous replay/display of audio and data
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