SferiRec SSDC-Adapter

Solid State Data Carrier

Interface device for Windows PCs and ground stations to read a Solid State Disc Carrier.

The SferiRec Solid State Disk Carrier-Adapter is used to interface the Solid State Data Carrier (SSDC/DID/MDT) types to host computers via standard computer interfaces. The SferiRec SSDC are typically used to transfer data from computer based Ground Support Stations to aircraft subsystems and vice versa.

  • The mobile SferiRec SSDC-Adapter COTS equipment, which can be used as desktop equipment in laboratory environment.
  • It has a robust metal housing and is designed for usage under extended environmental conditions.
  • Mobile tag unit
Main Benefits
  • Fast and flexible data transfer capabilities
  • Qualified and certified
  • The SferiRec SSDC-Adapters are in service in various military aircraft programmes, e.g. TORNADO, TIGER, NH90 and EF2000 in combination with Operational Support Stations.


  • Host PC/Laptop with Windows 7, 10 Operating System
  • Standard interfaces to host PC: USB 2.0 & 3.0
  • Supporting HENSOLDT SSDC types ranging from 10 MB up to 2 TB
  • SSDC operated as removable media device under control of the host computer
  • HENSOLDT Universal File Handling System (UFS) or FAT File System can be applied
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