Video Management System

The Video Management System processes a multitude of internal and external video sources. The unit integrates a 4 channel HD video recorder with two audio channels which can be stored onboard the aircraft and enables over 100 hours of recording capability.

Key Features
  • Video Distribution - Digital 4 channel matrix switch and splitter
  • Video Configurations - Displays Full-Screen, Split-Screen, Quad-Screen or Picture-in-Picture
  • Full HD Recording - Up to 4 video and 2 audio channels
  • Time Shift function - Replay while recording

Video Management System - Configurations
The Video Management System allows to present the selected external video sources and a DVR channel replay in the following configurations:


Quad-Split Landscape

Picture-in-Picture Landscape

Dual-Split Landscape

Full-Screen Portrait

Video Processing & Distribution
The Video Switching Matrix, Video Processing engines and Multiplexers tailor and combine the video inputs and routes the imagery to the right video target, such as displays, downlink or external video recorder. Each video source image can be scaled, cropped, rotated and interlaced to match a specific video output resolution, orientation, aspect ratio and/or video standard.

Video Recording
The Video Management System records any external video source in H264/MPEG-4 encoded format. Through the Video Management System On Screen Display HMI each of the DVR channels can be controlled for Start, Stop, Play, Rewind, Forward.

Audio Recording
The Video Management System also allows to record two independent (mono) audio channels. The audio channel can be controlled in sync with the video channel and can be switched on/off during operation.

The recordings are stored on various selectable data locations. The standard method is recording onto the internal 512 GB DVR Solid-State-Drive or direct recording onto an external USB Stick. The USB connection makes the access to the avionic board obsolete and allows instantaneous plug-out of the USB.

Recording in Full HD

Solid-State-Drive (512GB)

Save on USB device during operation
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