EasyTask UAV

The EasyTask UAV Ground Station connects the user to the video and data network. Through an intuitive graphical user interface the user can view and evaluate videos on the ground, control drone payload, or even task the unmanned systems. The EasyTask Ground Station also supports message exchange between air and ground assets. The display and overlay engine of the ground station are synchronized showing the same maps and symbology and providing the operator with an operational picture of all assets.

Key Features
  • Network centric architecture
  • Full video management integrated
  • Enhanced Reality Functionality
  • Multi-screen support, user specific configurations
  • Figure mode: figure eight, hippodrome, circle, stop
  • Automatic survey modes
  • Waypoint flight with quasi 3D trajectory generation
  • Joystick velocity mode
  • Vectoring mode (altitude, speed, heading)
  • Automatic “return to home“
  • EuroNav Maps
  • Multi UAV support
  • STANAG 4586 compliant, LOI 4

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