Moving Target Indication (MTI)

The MTI is an additional software module for the Enhanced Reality System. The MTI is based on proven picture recognition technology and is used to automatically detect both small and large moving objects in real-time through camera feeds. Each moving target can be displayed with a unique identifier and can be highlighted with different colors.

MTI Key Features
  • Automatically detects objects in real-time through camera feeds
  • Uniquely identifies each object with a user set ID
  • Displays position, elevation and speed of objects
  • Tracking feature displays history of object movements on screen
  • Object data exports to EuroNav 7 or to EasyTask
  • Enhances situational awareness and efficiency of surveillance missions
  • Simple menu setup with customizable settings
  • Easy to operate User Interface
  • Available as Land Module and Maritime Module
Maritime MTI
Optimized for maritime environments, small objects which are not visible to the operator’s eye, such as life jackets, people overboard, etc. can be detected by the MTI. The system also provides visual indications to the operator, useful during extended missions. The MTI enhances a wide range of maritime surveillance missions such as Maritime Search & Rescue, Maritime Domain Awareness, Counter Piracy Operations and more.
MTI Menu Setup
Easy to operate User Interface. To get an optimal view, the MTI Setup Menu allows for customization of settings such as line color & width, detection sensitivity, box size, etc.

Customizable Targets Display Settings

Detection Sensitivity Settings
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