Multicopter Drone in mission

Certified camera-payload industrial multi copters for Police and Fire Brigades

EUROAVIONICS multicopter drone with autopilot/flight control system is a cost-effective solution to get a survey within minutes of operation sites such as accident scene, fire scene, large crowd events and many other fields of applications. Right after the start the multicopter drone gathers all important data and records videos of the operation site and transfers them to other devices and operators.



With the autopilot the drone is able to start and land automatically. It also allows to perform various predefined functions such as area scan, infrastructure inspection or site surveying just to mention a few.

Multicopter Drone in Mission


Applications Police/Fire

  • Accident or Fire scene survey within minutes
  • Large crowd event monitoring
  • Data and video transfer to all devices
  • Fully integrated in Euroavionics Product Suite
  • Easy disassemble and assemble for transport

Applications in Building/Power industry

  • Infrastructure inspection
  • Building 3-D reconstruction
  • Site surveying

Further Data

  • Max endurance 45 min
  • Max useful load 2.5 kg (battery and payload), MTOW 5kg
  • Datalink range 3-5 km, S-Band and L-Band 2000-4000 MHz, 500-1000 MHz
  • Camera system with 180° FOV, 16.8 Mpix APS-H Format, 4
  • Down looking, 24 Mpix APS-C Format
  • Interchangeable lenses
  • Direct picture download, not need to remove camera

*Preliminary information, subject to change.

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