New EuroNav 7 options

Monday, March 18, 2013

"In 2012 the all new Level C certified EuroNav 7 system has clearly set a new avionics benchmark in terms of Situational Awareness and Mission Systems on board."

Mr. Michael Gröninger | EUROAVIONICS GmbH | Head of Engineering

New EuroNav 7 options set yet another standard

The system has immediately been adopted by numerous helicopter and fixed-wing aircraft manufacturers. Building on this big success EUROAVIONICS yet again pushes the boundaries and introduces the following innovations that will be offered optionally on the EuroNav 7 system:

  • In collaboration with our long standing ally SkyTrac, EUROAVIONICS and Skytrac developed an Iridium SatCom module that can be
    installed in one of the 3 future-growth hardware slots inside the EuroNav7 system.
    This offers a very pragmatic and compact integrated solution, reducing wiring, power consumption, weigth and allows to integrate
    even more deeply the operational side of using a SatCom aloft. Making calls, sending messages, interaction with other aircraft,
    flight tracking, interaction with the Ground Station… all condensed to make it as easy to use as possible and in line with the known
    EuroNav HMI to control all internal functions and other third party avionics connected.
  • The activation of the WLAN chip inside the EuroNav 7 system now also allows to perform maintenance activities wirelessly. This
    besides the existing maintenance link via Ethernet. Installing new maps and databases, downloading recorded video and flight tracks,
    upgrading the system configuration or even the main application, remote maintenance,… the sky is the limit, obviously with the needed
    firewalls and passwords. For this purpose EUROAVIONICS developed it’s first iOS-Maintenance app that offers our operators even more
    freedom and flexibility in the field.
  • EUROAVIONICS recognizes that not every cockpit or cabin has or can have touch screen displays installed. To be able to use the EuroNav 7
    in the most diverse range of avionics system architectures EUROAVIONICS designed a new EuroNav Control Panel. The EuroNav 7 Control
    Panel remains the compact size of the legacy EuroNav Control Panels and offers, besides 8 direct access keys, also a rugged jog shuttle
    that combines a Cursor Control Device (CCD), a rotary encoder and a push button. This in combination with some new HMI graphical
    concepts and control laws offers full control on the EuroNav 7 system and sets yet another level of improvement in terms of airborne

About SkyTrac

SkyTrac is the world’s trusted supplier of SatCom solutions for data, text and voice communications, and has customers on every continent and from all areas of operation. SkyTrac has acquired a long list of Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs) and the company’s hardware has been installed on multiple aircraft types from AgustaWestland, Eurocopter, Bell, Sikorsky, MBB, Beechcraft, de Havilland, LearJet and Raytheon.

SkyTrac Systems Ltd. |


EUROAVIONICS is the OEM supplier of choice for Situational Awareness and Mission Systems. EUROAVIONICS develops and produces Level C certified graphics map engines with integrated Terrain Warning function (HTAWS) and the most versatile range of third-party avionics sensor interfaces. The TSO’d EuroNav product range is used on a wide variety of new and retrofit platforms.

For Situational Awareness most EMS, SAR, Offshore and (para)military operators trust on the EuroNav system for years. The fast EuroNav performance is a key operational benefit and it is the most modular system on the market, both in terms of hard- and software. It can be installed as a standalone system or as an integral part of a new or existing avionics suite.

Mr. Michael Gröninger | EUROAVIONICS GmbH | Head of Engineering

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