Foundation of EUROAVIONICS Schweiz AG

Monday, February 22, 2016

EUROAVIONICS GmbH is pleased to announce the foundation of its third subsidiary - the EUROAVIONICS Schweiz AG.

The EUROAVIONICS group as an OEM supplier of choice for Situational Awareness and Mission Management systems designs, produces and markets certified avionics systems that interface with a wide range of third-party avionics and sensors and Ground Tools which support the airborne systems and also allow communication between air and ground.

EUROAVIONICS Schweiz AG is headquartered in Sissach, Switzerland. The management team draws on a long-standing and extensive experience in the field of UAV platforms (“unmanned aerial vehicles”). This includes research and development of control and feedback control systems as well mechatronic systems and engine control systems. The team has a sound experience in project management and participated successfully in the development of several UAV platforms and OPV projects (“optionally piloted vehicles”) in the past.

Initially EUROAVIONICS Schweiz AG will focus on two main product lines, industrial multi-copters production and development of autopilots / flight computers for UAVs and OPVs. The multi-copters will target the market of professional operators such as police, fire brigades and monitoring and inspection of infrastructures. The autopilot will be offered in certified and non-certified versions as well as different hardware designs to cover requirements from small multi-copters up to MALE / HALE-class (“medium / high altitude high endurance”) UAVs.

Sven Bogner, General Manager of EUROAVIONICS said: “The foundation of the EUROAVIONICS Schweiz AG will extend our existing product range and give us access to the strongly growing UAV market. The EUROAVIONICS group can now provide a complete interconnected mission solution for manned, unmanned platforms and ground operations.”

Tim Moser, CEO of EUROAVIONICS Schweiz said: “As a subsidiary of EUROAVIONICS we see a great opportunity joining an existing and established network. Our portfolio allows the Group to offer additional solutions to existing customers as well as entering into new markets.”

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