The RE1 features a 64 Bit Multi-Core CPU with an additional powerful media processor as a Digital Video Recording (DVR) subsystem and it is suitable for live video streaming as well as a 3D-Map-Generator engine for vector data overlay. The combination of Enhanced Reality, Video Processing & Distribution, and Digital Video Recording in one single avionics qualified LRU is unique.

Hosted in a small 1/4 ATR with a weight of 3.1 kg the RE1 is a compact, lightweight and energy-efficient avionics computer. This brings along direct savings in LRU cost, weight, space, cables, power and logistics.


Key Facts


Interfaces and Connectors


The RE1 also constitutes the main part of the Enhanced Reality System (ERS) providing all necessary graphic and data interfaces and slots for Euroavionics Solid-State-Drive (SSD).


The RE1 computer has a WLAN chip integrated that allows to perform remote wireless maintenance or up/download of map data, flight trace data, screenshots and recorded video to/from the RE1. WLAN can be (de-)activated as part of the initial project configuration. The internal LTE (4G) Module grants fast access to the internet of which a connected EuroNav 7 can also make use of.

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