SferiRec DCR

Deployable Crash Recorder

Automatic deployable flight recorder models for larger aircrafts.
The deployable Recorder Beacon Airfoil (RBA) combines the crash protected, solid state CPM Memory Module and three emergency locator transmitters with antennas in one device.

The Airfoil Release Unit (ARU), on which the RBA is mounted, is usually installed on the outside of the aircraft’s rear fuselage. The ARU comprises the electrical and pyrotechnical components to release the airfoil in a crash situation or after command of the pilot.

  • ADFR – Automatic Deployable Flight Data Recorder
  • COSPAS SARSAT – ED-62 compliant ELT integrated
  • DEPLOYMENT – Multiple Sensors Possible
Main Benefits
  • Minimum size, low mass, low power consumption
  • Simple system installation
  • Ideally suited for upgrade and retrofit programmes
  • Qualified and flight certified equipments
  • Various selectable recording interfaces
  • References on NH90 platform


  • Flexible recording duration of Audio and Data
  • Works with either SferiRec FCR or Legacy Military DAUs
  • Deployable and Floatable RBA Houses a Crash Protected Solid State Recorder with Storage Capacity up to 256MB
  • Deployable RBA contains three Integrated Emergency Transmitters (121,5; 243; 406 MHz) and Antennas;
  • 48 Hours Endurance and COSPAS/SARSAT certified
  • High Crash Survivability and Recovery Capability
  • Dimensions: RBA/ARU – 460 x 350 x 160 mm
  • Fully flight certified
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