VADR - Multipurpose UAV Platform

The VADR provides completely autonomous flight control and is capable of meeting the needs of various operators including Law Enforcement, Aerial Surveillance, Infrastructure Inspection and Counter UAV. It supports video and data transfer to the Euroavionics and Hensoldt product suite as well as independent mobile devices and combines manned and unmanned systems to provide flexibility, ease of use and maximum situational awareness.




  • A complete integrated end-to-end UAV solution including platform, autopilot, sensors and ground assets
  • Outstanding performance and reliable operation even in harshest environment
  • Embedded protection against cyber security threats
  • Integration in XPELLER as Counter UAV with double Net Thrower
Key Features
  • High performance engine
  • Redundant system due to hexacopter design
  • Strong body
  • Different payload options
  • Retractable landing gear
  • Accident scene survey within minutes Mission support
  • Crowd monitoring
  • No legacy code (green sheet approach)
  • Pattern generation for surveying
  • Figure implementation for circle, hippodrome, eight
  • Joystick mode, Vectoring mode (Altitude, Heading, Speed)
  • Automatic return to home (Link loss)
  • Multi UAV support
  • Flight time: 40 min.
  • Payload: 8 kg
  • Max. take off weight: 20 kg
  • BVLOS operation
  • Dimensions: 1400 mm (W), 400 mm (H)

Preliminary Design


Quick battery change

Pull out battery with integrated lever.
Insert charged battery back into main body.

Easy transport

Box size: 70 x 70 x 80 cm
Brand: Peli, rugged, stackable
Box weight: 20 kg

Payload is protected by folded arms.

VADR - Payload Options

*Preliminary information, subject to change.

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