EuroAvionics Mission Solution

EuroAvionics provides an integrated end-to-end solution for airborne platforms and ground assets. This goal is achieved by transparently supporting the mission execution, and allowing both ground and airborne assets to be integrated in a joint architecture. Manned and unmanned systems are teamed up to provide flexibility and ease of use at a maximum of situational awareness.

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UAV and OPV Products

Multicopter drone, Autopilot/Flight control system


Multipurpose Airborne Computer

ERS - Enhanced Reality System

Video Recording, Video Management and vector overlay on live camera feeds

EuroNav 7

Level C certified Moving Map, Situational Awareness and Mission Management System

Ground Tools

Seamless data management and distribution providing full oversight of the mission and control of communications

EuroAvionics Product Range

EuroAvionics Products

  • EuroNav 7 mission system for critical airborne applications
  • Enhanced Reality System (ERS) for video management and vector overlays
  • Connectivity solutions based on LTE and/or Tactical Data Link
  • Hardware/software firewalls with intelligent routing capabilities
  • Communication hub for multi user network centric architectures
  • Ground station with seamless data management and distribution
  • Lightweight, electrical drone with multi sensor camera systems
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