About EuroAvionics

EuroAvionics is the OEM supplier of choice for Situational Awareness and Mission Systems in aviation business.

EuroAvionics develops and produces Level C certified graphics map engines with integrated Terrain Warning function (HTAWS) and the most versatile range of third-party ...

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Modular Hardware

Through the modular architecture the functionality of the system can be extended.

Up to three hardware modules can be placed inside the RN7 computer (Modular Architecture).

Additional software modules can expand the functionality ...

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Partnership with Skytrac

In cooperation with Skytrac, one of the market leaders in Satellite communication, EuroAvionics developed a separated HW module that can be installed in one of the free slots of the EuroNav 7 system.

This brings communication capabilities into your aircraft without installation of an additional box ...

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26-05-2015 PAvCon, Netherlands
01-07-2015 Hubschrauberforum Bückeburg 2015, Germany
13-07-2015 ALEA EXPO 2015, USA
25-08-2015 MAKS 2015, Russia
09-09-2015 China Heli Expo, China
09-09-2015 KSS Expo, Kazakhstan
06-10-2015 Helitech 2015, UK
08-11-2015 Dubai Airshow 2015, UAE

EuroAvionics - Subsidiaries

EuroAvionics UK

EuroAvionics UK is based in the South of England. We specialise in providing professional flight planning and flight operations software solutions for rotary and fixed wing operators. Our main specialities include aircraft performance and weight & balance solutions ...

EuroAvionics USA

Our longtime partner and exlusive Value-Added-Reseller LCX Systems is now integrated into the EuroAvionics group. EuroAvionics USA provides not only sales, technical consulting, training and project management in North America ...

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